All rooms can be modified on-site to adjust to the ever-changing environment.
Some examples include changing door or window location, adjusting the room size to fit a platform change, adding additional lighting or receptacles, etc. We can also modify an existing build by adding or replacing doors and windows, additional lighting, installing countertops, etc.


All buildings can be installed and operational in as little as three days.
We install on your foundation at ground level or on raised steel platforms to maximize space. We install inside or outside, freestanding or attached to an existing building. Buildings are fully operational from the moment we finish.

Turn-Key installation

We provide a free estimate for all builds, and when necessary, an onsite visit to ensure we get the build and all the details right the first time.

Estimates are provided in detail to ensure accuracy and are always free. CAD drawings are available upon order to ensure correct overall sizes and for reference when building the platform.

free estimates

With 24 years in business, we have worked with hundreds of Lumber Mills and Contractors to custom design cabs and rooms for their specific applications. Our builds have proven to be durable and efficient. Check out some of our work!

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today to start YOUR custom design!

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