Custom Design Pre-Fab Buildings
Delivered to You
Quick, Professional Installation

what we offer

We custom design and install motor control cabs, modular offices, grader booths, planer cabs, entrance guard buildings, and operator cabs for lumber mill facilities.

Who we are

Insulated slider interior doors
Custom built countertops
Additional doors or lighting

add ons include

unless specified otherwise

A wall mounted HVAC unit
Electrical package
Drop ceiling
Hard rubber flooring

Each build is custom designed to fit your needs. You tell us what you need and we make it happen! All of our buildings come standard with

custom designed

Designed with 3” foam insulated aluminum panels and extruded aluminum frames, our buildings are lightweight and climate controlled for any environment. The insulated walls and ceiling are not only durable but will not rust when exposed to the elements. The walls, floor and ceiling are designed to keep the rooms at the needed temperature for everyday operation while also acting as a sound buffer.  

insulated and durable

We can install your room in virtually any space. Our buildings are prepped before we arrive making install quick and efficient.

Depending on the size and location, buildings can be installed in as quickly as three days.

This means you can get back to work faster.

Time is Money